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Signal Repeater Kit for Voice/SMS & LTE Data - RP-LG-4P (900MHz / 800MHz)

€ 1.055.00

GSM+4G Signal Repeater - Boosting mobile signal in your office

  • Provides GSM and 4G signal in your home or office
  • Coverage: 4000m2 (up to 15 rooms)
  • Frequency 800Mhz + 900Mhz
  • Compatible with all European mobile operators.
  • Unlimited number of calls / data sessions at the same time.
  • Ce certified
  • Signal power and diagnostics indicator.
  • Manufactured in Ireland
  • Complete operator network protection.
  • 3 year guarantee

The SD-RP-1002LG-4 Signal Booster

Will amplify 4G and GSM voice into your office or large installation. This booster is specifically designed for larges offices. It has 4 output ports that allow you to attach up to 4 internal antennas.

Each of these antennas provide mobile coverage for about 3/4 rooms. That’s a total of about 15 office rooms!

Boosting ALL networks

SD-RP-1002LG-4 repeater kit amplifies 4G (at 800Mhz) and GSM (at 900Mhz). These 2 frequencies are at the lower end of the mobile spectrum and are very suitable for propagating around the inside of a building.

With this system installed, you can expect excellent voice call quality and high 4G data speeds.

This booster is VERY effective and provides our customers with the coverage they require.

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